Regenerative Sympoietics


The mimeticism of regenerative biomimicry does not conform to mimetic models derived from the aesthetic regime of art and, especially, it’s interpretation of the mimeticism of classical antiquity. Regenerative biomimicry is not iconic. Rather it rides on creative negentropic ecological work in its design of production processes and in this regard is more permaculturally integrative than imitative.

Beyond Circular Economy

Regenerative biomimicry is distinctly different from herculean biomimicry which is not ultimately biomimetic at all insofar as imperatives of interlocking class domination impose themselves in the design of production processes. Regenerative biomimicry does not externalize costs in any dimension whereas herculean paradigms of circular economy must externalize by design.

The Negative

The force of the negative in negentropy is not merely a negative quantity of entropy but qualitative differences from entropy (that thereby results in lower quantas of entropy). In this regard, negentropy is always determinate negation and “being or nothing” (ontotheology) is an irrelevant problematic, whereas the intermedia problematic of harnessing linguistic negation in different languages and poetic traditions with negative fields, tempos, chromatics, modes, tones, harmonics, spaces, shapes, etc. in formed materials needs more investigation and experimentation. This then is a point of departure for inventing for our contemporary situation a post-Western dialectical mode of theorizing through research-creation.


While hydrapolitics presupposes communicability throughout the heterogeneous locations of subalternity, in our contemporary historical period, this cannot be immediate and is always mediated by platforms and codes of the multitude and their herculean and spectacular enclosures. Hydrapolitical regenerative sympoetics is founded upon this contradictory impossibility that pertains to both to its hydrapolitical and its regenerative character. “The subaltern cannot speak.” (One can never just speak for oneself and not others. Insofar as speaking has consequences in the world, when one is speaking for oneself, one is also always speaking for others: The subaltern cannot speak for herself directly and immediately because she is always being spoken for by others speaking for themselves). For this reason, hydrapolitical regenerative sympoetics depends upon aesthetic and poetic strategies of allegory, disguise, distortion, deviation, dissemblance in communicating through the contradiction of its historical-structural impossibility. Intermedia research-creation investigates and experiments with strategies for subverting such constraints.

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